Shiva Mahimna Stotram : Hymn on the Greatness of Shiva

Shiva Mahimna Stotram

The Shiva Mahimna Stotra (शिवमहिम्न:स्तोत्र Hymn about the greatness of Shiva’) is a Sanskrit composition (stotra) in praise of Shiva. According to tradition, the hymn is believed to have been composed by a gandharva named Pushpadanta. The hymn lists Shiva’s various achievements and qualities. The Shiva Mahimna Stotra is very popular among the devotees of Lord Shiva and is considered one of the best among all Stotras (or Stutis) offered to Lord Shiva. The recital of Shiva Mahimna Stotra is very beneficial, and Shri Ramakrishna, one of the famous saints of the nineteenth century, went into samadhi just by reciting a few verses from this hymn. It is said that anyone who recites Shiva Mahimna Stotram with devotion will be blessed with fame, wealth, long life, and good children in this life, and will attain Kailas after death.

Shiva Mahimna Stotram Composition : Story of Pushpadanta

Shiva Mahimna Stotram is a Sanskrit composition in devotion of lord Shiva created by Pushpadanta. Among all the hymns of Shiva, the one created and composed by Gandharva Puspadanta is popular. The thought behind the composition is ‘Enumerating the greatness of Lord Shiva’, being a typical frame of devotion and dedication. In the verses of the Stotram lie stories about various great acts of the Lord Mahadev. The famous and oft-repeated Sanskrit Shloka ‘Asiti Girisamam……’ which means ‘if an ocean is made the inkpot, the branch of the mythical Parijata tree made the pen and Goddess Saraswati (The Goddess of Knowledge) embarks to write the glory of Lord (Shiva), it still will be impossible to comprehend the greatness of the Lord fully’ – is among the verses of this stotra.

A king named Chitraratha had constructed a nice garden. There were beautiful flowers in this garden. These flowers were used every day by the king in worshipping Lord Shiva. One day a Gandharva (Singer in the court of Indra, the Lord of the Heaven) named Pushhpadanta being fascinated by the beautiful flowers, began to steal them, as a consequence of which king Chitraratha could not offer flowers to Lord Shiva. He tried very hard to capture the thief, but in vain, because the Gandharvas have divine power to remain invisible. Finally the king spread the Shiva Nirmaalya in his garden. Shiva Nirmaalya consists of the Bilva leaves, flowers, et cetera which have been used in worshipping Lord Shiva. The Shiva Nirmaalya is considered holy. The thief Pushhpadanta, not knowing this, walked on the Shiva Nirmaalya, and by that he incurred the wrath of Lord Shiva and lost the divine power of invisibility. He then designed a prayer to Lord Shiva for forgiveness. In this prayer he sung the greatness of the Lord.

This very prayer became well known as the `Shiva Mahimna Stotra’. Lord Shiva became pleased by this Stotram, and returned Pushhpadanta’s divine powers.The legend has some basis since the name of the author is mentioned in verse number 38 of the stotram. Get Shiv Mahimna Stotra in English lyrics Pdf here and chant it with devotion for the grace of Lord Shiva.

॥ Shiva Mahimna Stotra॥

– Hymn to the Glory of Lord Shiva –

Mahimnah Param Te Parama Vidusho Yadyasadrishi
Stutir Brahma Dina Mapitadava Sannastvayi Girah,
Atha Vacyah Sarvah Svamati Parina Mavadhi Grinan
Mamapyeshah Stotre Hara Nirapavadah Parikarah || 1 ||

O Lord! Big scholars and yogis could not know your glory, so I am an ordinary child, what is my count? But can’t you be praised without knowing your glory completely? I don’t believe this because if it is true then even the praise of Brahma would be called futile. I believe that everyone has the right to praise according to his opinion. That’s why O Bholenath! Please look at my heart and accept my praise.

Atitah Panthanam Tava Ca Mahima Vanmanasayor
Atad Vyavrttya Yam Cakita Mabhi Dhatte Shrutirapi,
Sa Kasya Stotavyah Katividha Gunah Kasya Vishayah
Pade Tvarvacine Patati Na Manah Kasya Na Vacah.|| 2 ||

Your interpretation is possible neither by mind nor by words. Vedas are also surprised in your context and use ‘neti neti’ means not this and not that too. It is impossible to know Your glory and Your form completely, but when You appear in the corporeal form, Your devotees do not get tired of describing Your form. This is the result of his love and reverence for you.

Madhu Sphita Vacah Paramam Amritam Nirmitavatas
Tava Brahman Kim Vag Api Suraguror Vismaya Padam,
Mama Tvetam Vanim Guna Kathana Punyena Bhavatah
Punam Ityarthe’smin Puramathana Buddhir Vyavasita.|| 3 ||

O creator of Vedas and language! You have created the nectar of the Vedas. That’s why you are not surprised when Brihaspati, the preceptor of the gods, praises you. I am also trying to translate your qualities according to my opinion. I agree that this will not surprise you, but my speech will definitely be more sacred and beneficial than this.

Tavaisvaryam Yat Taj Jagadudaya Raksa Pralayakrit
Trayivastu Vyastam Tisrishu Guna-Bhinnasu Tanushu,
Abhavyanam Asmin Varada Ramaniyama Ramanim
Vihantum Vyakrosim Vidadhata Ihaike Jadadhiyah. || 4 ||

You are the creator, maintainer and destroyer of this universe. Thus you have three forms – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and you have three qualities – sattva, rajas and tamas. They have been described in the Vedas, yet ignorant people keep talking nonsense about you. They may get satisfaction by doing this, but they cannot turn away from reality.

Kimihah Kimkayah Sa Khalu Kimupaya Stribhuvanam
Kimadharo Dhata Srijati Kimupadana Iti Ca,
Atarkyaish Varye Tvay Yanavasara Duhstho Hatadhiyah
Kutarko’yam Kamshcin Mukharayati Mohaya Jagatah. || 5 ||

Foolish people often argue that how this universe was created, by whose wish it was created, from what things it was created etc. Their aim is nothing but to create confusion among people. To be honest, the answers to all these questions are related to your divine power and it is impossible to express them with my limited intelligence.

Ajanmano Lokah Kimavayava Vanto’pi Jagatam
Adhisthataram Kim Bhavavidhir-Anadritya Bhavati,
Anisho Va Kuryad Bhuvana Janane Kah Parikaro
Yato Mandastvam Praty-Amaravara Samsherata Ime.|| 6 ||

O Lord, without You is it possible to create all these worlds (Sapta Lok – Bhu: Bhuva: Swa: Maha: Jana: Tapa: Satya)? How is it possible that there is no creator of this world? Who else can create this universe other than you? Only foolish people can doubt your existence.

Trayi Sankhyam Yogah Pasupati Matam Vaishnavamiti
Prabhinne Prasthane Paramidamadah Pathyamiti Ca,
Rucinam Vaicitryad Riju Kutila Nana Pathajusham
Nrinameko Gamyas Tvamsasi Payasa Marnava Iva. || 7 ||

O Supreme Father!!! There are innumerable ways to reach you – Sankhya Marg, Vaishnav Marg, Shaiva Marg, Veda Marg etc. People prefer any one route according to their interest. But ultimately all these paths reach you, just like the water of different rivers flowing into the ocean. Really, following any path can get you there.

Mahokshah Khatvangam Parashu-Rajinam Bhasma Haninah
Kapalam Cetiyat Tava Varada Tantro Pakaranam,
Surastam Tamriddhim Dadhati Tu Bhavad Bhru Pranihitam
Na Hi Svatma Ramam Vishaya Mriga Trishna Bhramayati. || 8 ||

All the deities enjoy wealth and prosperity just by the gesture of your Bhrikuti. But for yourself only axe, bull, tiger skin, ashes on body and skull in hand! It results from this that the one who is engrossed in self-enjoyment does not get trapped in the enjoyments of the world.

Dhruvam Kascit Sarvam Sakala Mapara Stva Dhruva Midam
Paro Dhrau Vyadhrauvye Jagati Gadati Vyasta Vishaye,
Samaste’pye Tasmin Puramathana Tair Vismita Iva
Stuvan Jihremi Tvam Na Khalu Nanu Dhrishta Mukharata. || 9 ||

Different thinkers have different views about this world. Some know it as eternal and some consider it as eternal. No matter what people say, your devotees always consider you true and find joy in your devotion. I also support them, even if someone finds it impudent to say this, I don’t care.

Tavaisvaryam Yatnad Yadupari Virincir-Hari-Radhah
Paricchett- Um Yatav Anala Manala Skandha Vapushah,
Tato Bhakti Sraddha Bhara-Guru-Grinad-Bhyam Girisha Yat
Svayam Tasthe Tabhyam Tava Kim Anuvrittir Na Phalati. || 10 ||

When there was a dispute between Brahma and Vishnu as to which of the two is greater, you took the form of a pillar of fire to test them. Brahma and Vishnu – both tried to measure the pillar from different ends but they could not succeed. At last accepting his defeat, he praised you, pleased with which you Revealed its original form. Really, if someone praises you sincerely and you don’t appear, can it ever happen?

Shiva Bilva

Ayatnadapadya Tribhuvanama-Vairavya-Tikaram
D- Ashasyo Yadbahun Abhrita Ranakandu Paravashan,
Sthirah Padmasreni Racita Caranam Bhoruhabaleh
Sthiraya Stvad Bhaktes Tripurahara Visphur Jitamidam. || 11 ||

Your supreme devotee Ravana, in place of Padma, dedicated his nine heads to your worship. When he was about to cut off his tenth head and offer it, you appeared and gave him a boon. Because of this boon, inexhaustible strength appeared in his arms and he was able to win over the enemies in all the three worlds. All this is the result of your steadfast devotion.

Amushya Tvatseva Samadhigata-Saram Bhujavanam
Balat-Kailase’pi Tvadadhivasatau Vikramayatah,
Alabhya Patale Pyalasa-Calitan-Gustha-Shirasi-
Pratishtha Tvayyasid Dhruvamupacito Muhyati Khalah || 12 ||

Ravana became the master of incomparable power by your ultimate devotion, but what did he want to do with it? Wanted to lift Kailash and bury it in Lanka to save the labor of going to Kailash everyday for your worship. Parvati was horrified when Ravana spread his arms to lift Kailash. To make them fearless, you just moved your toe, then Ravana went and fell in the underworld and there too he could not find a place. Indeed, when a man becomes the master of unauthorized force or property, he loses discretion in enjoying it.

Yadriddhim Sutramno Varada Paramo-Ccairapi Satim
Adhashcakre Banah Parijana Vidheya Tribhuvanah,
Na Taccitram Tasmin Varivasitari Tvac Caranayor
Na Kasya Unnatyai Bhavati Srirasastvay Yavanatih. || 13 ||

It was only by your grace that the demon Banasura became more opulent than the gods Indradi and ruled all the three worlds. Oh God ! The person who keeps his head devotedly at your feet, his progress and prosperity is certain.

Akanda Brahmanda Kshaya Cakita Devasura Kripa
Vidheya Syasidyas Trinayana Visham Samhrita Vatah,
Sa Kalmashah Kanthe Tava Na Kurute Na Shriya Maho
Vikaro’pi Shlaghyo Bhuvana-Bhaya-Bhangavyasaninah- . || 14 ||

When the ocean was churned, a terrible poison came out along with other valuable gems, which could destroy the entire creation. You drank that poison with great grace. By drinking poison, there was a blue mark in your throat and you were called Neelkanth. But oh Lord, does that make you ugly? Never, it only enhances your beauty. The person who removes the sorrows of others, even if he has any defects, he becomes an object of worship.

Asiddhartha Naiva Kvacidapi Sadeva Suranare
Nivartante Nityam, Jagati Jayino Yasya Vishikhah,
Sa Pashyannisa Tvam Itara Surasadharana Mabhut
Smarah Smarta-Vyatma Na Hi Vasishu Pathyah Paribhavah || 15 ||

No one could ever escape from the attack of Kamadeva, be it humans, gods or demons. But when Kamadeva aimed his flower arrow towards you without understanding your power, you instantly turned him into ashes. The result of insulting the best people is not beneficial.

Mahi Padaghatad Vrajati Sahasa Samshaya-Padam
Padam Visnor-Bhramyad Bhujaparigha-Rugna-Graha-Ganam- ,
Muhur-Dyaur-Dausthyam Yat-­Yanibhrita-Jata-Taditata- Ta
Jagad-Rakshayai Tvam Natasi Nanu Vamaiva Vibhuta. || 16 ||

When you start doing tandav for the welfare of the world, then the whole universe trembles with fear, the earth sees its end near by your footsteps, the planets and constellations get scared. By the mere touch of your hair, the heavenly people get disturbed and by the force of your arms, there is disturbance in Vaikuntha. O Mahadev! No wonder your force is so annoying.

Viyad-Vyapi Tara Gana-Gunita Phenod-Gama-Rucih
Pravaho Varam Yah Prishata-Laghu-Dristah Shirasi Te,
Jagad-Dvipakaram Jaladhivalayam Tena Kritami-
Tyane-Naivon-Neyam Dhrita-Mahima Divyam Tava Vapuh. || 17 ||

When the river Ganga descends from heaven in the name of Mandakini, its flow looks very attractive because of the shining stars in the sky, but after it is confined to your head, it appears like a point. Later, when Gangaji emerges from your hair and starts flowing on the land, then it creates big islands. This is the sign of your divine and glorious form.

Rathah Kshoni Yanta Shata-Dhriti-Ragendro Dhanuratho
Rathange Candrarkau Rathacarana-Panih Shara Iti,
Didhakshoste Ko’yam Tripura-Trina-Madambara-Vidhir-
Vidheyaih Kridantyo Na Khalu Paratantrah Prabhu-Dhiyah. || 18 ||

To destroy the three cities (created by the sons of Tarakasura), you made the earth a chariot, Brahma the charioteer, the sun and the moon two wheels, the bow of Mount Meru and Vishnu’s arrow. Hey Shambhu! What was the need of this great purpose? For you, merging the world is a very small thing. Why do you need any help? You only played with the powers (which were under your control) and did a leela.

Hariste Sahasram Kamala-Balima-Dhaya Padayor
Yadekone Tasmin Nija-Mudaharan-Netra-Kamalam,
G- Ato Bhaktyu-Drekah Parinatim-Asau Cakra-Vapusha
Trayanam Rakshayai Tripura-Hara Jagarti Jagatam. || 19 ||

When Lord Vishnu started worshiping you with a thousand lotuses (and a thousand names), he found one lotus less. Then with devotion, Vishnuji offered his one eye in place of a lotus. His indomitable devotion took the form of Sudarshan Chakra which Lord Vishnu uses for the protection of the world. O Lord, you are always awake to protect the three worlds (heaven, earth and underworld).

Kratau Supte Jagrat Tvamasi Phalayoge Kratumatam
Kva Karma Pradhvastam Phalati Purusha-Radhana-Mrite,
Atas-Tva- M Sam-Preksya Kratusu Phala-Dana-Pratibhuvam
Shrutau Shraddham Baddhva Dridha-Parikarah Karmasu Janah. || 20 ||

At the end of the Yagya, you give its fruit to the Yagya performer. No work done without your worship and devotion is fruitful. This is the reason why everyone starts their work by having faith in the Vedas and considering you as the bestower of fruits.

Shiva Latest

Kriyadakso Dakshah Kratupati-Radhisha-Stanubhrita- M
Rishinamartvijyam Sharanada Sadasyah Suraganah,
Kratu-Bhramshas-Tvat- Tah Kratuphala-Vidhana-Vyasanino
Dh- Ruvam Kartuh Sraddha Vidhura-Mabhicaraya Hi Makhah. || 21 ||

Although you have made the law of Yagya Karma and its fruit, however, the Yagya which is not motivated by pure thoughts and deeds and is going to defy you, its result may be opposite and harmful. -Muni joined, you destroyed because you were not respected in it. Truly, Yagya performed without devotion proves harmful for any Yagya performer.

Praja-Natham Natha Prasabha-Mabhikam Svam Duhitaram
Gatam Rohid-Bhutam Rira-Mayishumrishyasya Vapusha,
Dhanus Paner Yatam Divamapi Sapatra Kritamamum
Trasantam Te’dyapi Tyajati Na Mriga-Vyadharabhasah. || 22 ||

Once Prajapita Brahma became fascinated with his own daughter. When his daughter tried to run away in the form of a deer, the lustful Brahma also started chasing her in the form of a deer. Hey Shankar! Then you took the bow and arrow in the form of a tiger and killed Brahma. Frightened by your fierce form, Brahma definitely disappeared in the direction of the sky, but even today he is afraid of you.

Svalavanya-Shamsa Dhrita-Dhanusha-Mahnnaya Trinavat
Purah Plustam Drishtva Pura-Mathana Pushpa-Yudhamapi,
Yadi Strainam Devi Yama-Nirata Dehardha-Ghatana
Davaiti Tvam-Addha Bata Varada Mugdha Yuvatayah. || 23 ||

When Kamadeva wanted to obstruct your penance and tried to create infatuation for Parvati in your mind, then you reduced Kamadeva to ashes. Even after that if Parvati thinks that you are infatuated with her because half of your body belongs to her, then it will be her illusion. To be honest, every girl is fascinated by her beauty.

Shmashanesva-Krida Smarahara Pishacah Sahacarash
Cita-Bhasma-Lepah Sragapi Nrikaroti-Parikarah.
Amangalyam- Shilam Tava Bhavatu Namaiva-Makhilam
Tathapi Smartrinam Varada Paramam Mangalamasi. || 24 ||

You revel in the crematorium, ghosts and spirits are your friends, you apply ashes on the funeral pyre and wear a shaven head. All these qualities seem inauspicious and frightening. Even then O resident of the crematorium! Those devotees who remember you, you always do auspicious and auspicious.

Manah Pratyak-Citte Savidha-Mavadhayatta-Marutah
Pr-Ahrishyadromanah Pramada-Salilot-Sangitadrisah
Y-Ada-Lokyah-Ladam Hrada Iva Nimajya-Mritamaye
Dadhat-Yantas- -Tattvam Kimapi Yaminas-Tat Kila Bhavan. || 25 ||

What don’t yogis do to get you? Sitting in solitude, far away from the habitation, they perform the difficult practice of controlling the movement of life according to the method mentioned in the scriptures, and shed tears of joy when they succeed in it. Truly, the ultimate goal of all spiritual practices is to attain you.

Tvamarkas-Tvam Somas Tvamasi Pavanas Tvam Hutavahas
Tvamapas-Tvam Vyoma Tvamu Dharanir-Atma Tvamiti Ca,
Paricchinnam-Evam Tvayi Parinata Bibhratu Giram
Na Vidmas-Tat-Tattvam Vayamiha Tu Yat-Tvam Na Bhavasi.|| 26 ||

You are the sun, moon, earth, sky, fire, water and air. You are also a soul. Hey, God!! I don’t know anything that you are not.

Trayim Tisro Vrittis Tribhuvana-Matho Trinapi Sura
Nakaradyair-Varnais Tribhir-Abhi-Dadhat-Tirnavikri- Ti,
Turiyam Te Dhama Dhvanibhi-Rava-Rundhana-Manubh- Ih
Samastam Vyastam Tvam Sharanada Grinat-Yomiti Padam.|| 27 ||

O Lord of all! The word Om is made up of A, Oo, M. These three words are the three worlds heaven, earth and underworld; There are three gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and three states – dream, awakening and deep sleep. But when the sound of Om car comes out completely, it expresses your turiya pada (above all three).

Bhavah Sarvo Rudrah Pasupati-Rathograh Sahamahan
Statha Bhime-Shanav Iti Yadabhi-Dhana-Shtakam-Idam,
Amu- Shmin-Pratyekam Pravicarati Deva Shrutirapi
Priyayasmai Dhamne Pravihita-Namasyo’smi Bhavate.|| 28 ||

Vedas and Devgans worship you with these eight names Bhava, Sarva, Rudra, Pashupati, Ugra, Mahadev, Bhima, and Ishan. Hey Shambhu! I also praise these names of yours with emotion.

Namo Nedisthaya Priyadava Davishthaya Ca Namo
Namah Kshodisthaya Smarahara Mahishthaya Ca Namah
Namo Varshishthaya Trinayana Yavishthaya Ca Namo
Namah Sarvasmai Te Tadida-Mitisarvaya Ca Namah. || 29 ||

You are far away from everyone, yet everyone has you. O Lord who destroys Cupid! You are very subtle yet vast. O Lord with three eyes! You are old and young too. You are in all and yet you are above all. I salute you

Bahala-Rajase Vishvot-Pattau Bhavaya Namo Namah
Prabala-Tamase Tat-Samhare Haraya Namo Namah,
Jana-Sukhakrite Sattvo-Driktau Mridaya Namo Namah
Pramahasi Pade Nistraigunye Shivaya Namo Namah. || 30 ||

I bow down to your Brahma Swaroop knowing you as the creator with Rajoguna. You destroy the world by wearing Tamogun, I bow down to that Rudra form of yours. You work for the happiness of the people by imbibing good qualities, salutations to that Vishnu form of yours. Beyond these three qualities, you are a triple form, I bow to that Shiva form of yours.

Krisha-Parinati Cetah Klesha-Vashyam Kva Cedam
Kva Ca Tava Gunasimol Langhini Shashva-Driddhih,
Iti Cakita-Mamandi Kritya Mam Bhakti-Radhad
Varada Caranayo-Ste Vakya-Pushpo-Paharam. || 31 ||

My mind is filled with grief, sorrow and sorrow and is filled with sorrow. I am in a dilemma as to how I will be able to sing Your divine and transcendental glories with such a confused mind? Still, I cannot live without expressing the feelings and devotion that I have towards you. That’s why I offer this garland of praise at your feet.

Asita-Giri-Samam Syat Kajjalam Sindhu-Patre
Sura-Taruvara-Shak- Ha Lekhani Patra-Murvi,
Likhati Yadi Grhitva Sharada Sarva-Kalam
Tadapi Tava Gunanam Isha Param Na Yati. || 32 ||

If the sea is made into a medicine, the ink of the black mountain is put in it, the branch of the Kalpavriksha tree is made into a pen and the earth is made into a paper, Mother Saraswati, self-knowledge, describes your qualities day and night, even then it is not possible to explain your qualities completely.

Asura-Sura-Munindrair Arcita-Syendu-Mauler
Grathita-G-Una-Mahimno Nirguna-Syesvarasya,
Sakala-Gan-A-Varisthah Pushpadanta-Bhidhano
Rucira-Mal-Aghu-Vrittaih Stotra-Metac-Cakara. || 33 ||

You are worshiped by Suras, Asuras and sages, You have worn the moon on your head and you are beyond all qualities. Impressed by this divine glory of yours, I, Pushpandat Gandharva, praise you.

Ahara-Harana-Vadyam Dhurjateh Stotra-Metat
Pathati Paramabhaktya Shuddhacittah Pumanyah.
Sa Bhavati Shivaloke Rudra-Tulya-Stathatra
Pracurata-Ra-Dhanayuh Putravan-Kirtimanshca. || 34 ||

One who recites this stotra daily with a pure and devotional heart, he will get wealth, son, life and fame in the earth according to his wish. Not only this, after leaving the body, he will experience peace like Shiva after getting speed in Shivlok. By reciting Shiv Mahimna Stotra, all his worldly and otherworldly wishes will be fulfilled.

Lord Shiva the destroyer modern

Maheshannaparo Devo Mahimno Napara Stutih,
Aghorannaparo Mantro Nasti Tattvam Guroh Param. || 35 ||

There is no god better than Shiva, there is no hymn better than Shiv Mahimna Stotra, there is no mantra more glorious than the name of Lord Shankar, nor is there anything more worshipable than the Guru.

Diksha Danam Tapas Tirtham Jnanamyaga-Dikah Kriyah,
Mahimnah Stava Pathasya Kallam Narhanti Shodashim || 36 ||

The fruit that comes from reciting the Shiva hymn is much more than initiation or giving charity, doing penance, going on pilgrimage, getting knowledge of scriptures and performing yagya.

Kusuma-Dashana-Nama Sarva-Gandharva-Rajah
Shishu-Sh-Ashadhara-Mauler Deva-Devasya Dasah
Sa Khalu Nija-Mahimno Bhrashta Evasya Roshat
Stavanamidamakarsid Divya-Divyam Mahimnah. || 37 ||

Pushpadanta, the king of the Gandharvas, was an ardent devotee of Chandramauleshwar Shiva. But due to the anger of Lord Shiva, he fell from his place. He has composed this Mahimnastotra to please Mahadev.

Suravaramuni-Pujyam Sarvagamokshaikahetum
Pathati Yadi Manushyah Pranjalir-Nanyacetah,
Vrajati Shiva-Samipam Kinnaraih Stuyamanah
Stavanamidamamogham Puspadanta-Pranitam. || 38 ||

The person who recites this stotra with folded hands, with devotion, will definitely go to such Lord Shankar, the one who gives salvation to heaven, worshiped by gods and sages and beloved of eunuchs. This psalm composed by Pushpadanta is sure to give fruit.

Asamapta-Midam Stotram Punyam Gandharva Bhashitam,
Anaupamyam Manohari Shiva-Mishvara-Varnanam. || 39 ||

Composed by Pushpadanta Gandharva, filled with praises of Lord Shiva, the mesmerizing, unique and virtuous stotra is completed here.

Ityesa Vanmayi Puja Shrimac Shankara Padayoh,
Arpita Tena Devesah Priyatam Me Sadashivah. || 40 ||

This worship of mine done through speech is respectfully offered at your lotus feet. Please accept it and keep your happiness on me.

Tava Tattwamna Janami Kidrishosi Maheshwara
Yadrashosi Mahadeva Tadrashaya Namo Namah || 41 ||

Hey Shiva!! I do not know your real nature. But whoever you are, whoever you are, I salute you.

Eka Kalam Dwikalam Wa Trikalam Yah Pathennarah
Sarva Papa Vinirmuktah Shivaloke Mahiyate || 42 ||

One who recites this stotra once, twice or thrice a day becomes free from all kinds of sins and attains Shiv Lok.

Sri Pushpadanta Mukha Pankaja Nirgatena
Stotrena Kilbisha Harena Hara-Priyena,
Kanthas Thitena Pathitena Samahitena
Suprinito Bhavati Bhutapatir Maheshah. || 43 ||

The one who recites, sings or just keeps this praise of Lord Shankar, the destroyer of sin, emerging from the lotus-like mouth of Pushpadanta, then Bholenath Shiva will surely be pleased with him.

|| Ithi Sri Pushpadanta Virachith Shiv Mahimnah Stotram Samaptham ||

‘Shiva Mahimna Stotra’: Anyone who recites this hymn with a pure heart and devotion will be blessed with fame, wealth, long life in this mortal world, and will attain Shiva’s abode after death. Benefit of singing Shivmahimna stotra is far greater than either the benefit of spiritual initiation, charity , austerity, pilgrimage, knowledge of the scriptures, or the performance of ceremonial sacrifice

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